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The work of the stars is our labor of love
and a devotional practice.  


The best way to know Astrum Opus is to visit our Substack site where you will find a plethora of astrological inquiries from the technical to the creative in written form, imagery, and audio.


Think of it as an AstroZine with several sections, including New Moon Wising, Forecast Bites, Chart Delineations, Astro Potpourri, and AO PodCasts. 

Curated by astrologers Michelle Corbesier, Neva Welton, Liz Wichart, Saffron Dennis, Alison Dale, and Heather Morse, you'll also find content from our Astrum Opus Collective study group and guests. 

Our work is based on the tenets that astrology is a lifelong learning endeavor, and studying astrology in a community is enriching and exponential! 


Join our Community!

When you subscribe to Astrum Opus, you become part of a community of astrology lovers from all over the world who live by the star's predictable movements and oracular nature. From the beginner to professional, there's a little something for everyone. 

The Big Bang

Astrum Opus was born from a private study group meeting twice a week for over a year. Together we have grown our skills and knowledge through forecasting, delineating charts, exploring astro techniques, reviewing books, podcasts and webinars, and consulting with natal and horary readings. 

Recognizing the amazing benefits of our endeavor, we decided to share what we do and open our style of learning to a broader community of astrology enthusiasts.  

Our foundation is traditional astrology with modern overtones as taught to us by a variety of teachers. We offer special thanks to Adam Elenbaas, Robert Schmidt, Kelly Surtees, Demetra George, Geoffrey Cornelius, Chris Brennan, John Frawley, Ben Dykes, SJ Anderson, Wade Caves, Austin Coppock and many more.

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