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Taurus New Moon

May 7 at 8:21 PM PT

Who doesn’t love a Taurus New Moon? Especially with beloved Jupiter and Venus grazing in the meadow and nary a square or opposition to be found in the traditional skies. Sounds wonderful, yes? Well, yes! But let’s not forget about the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, still reverberating throughout the land, rattling all things fixed and earthy.

As the Sun and Moon catalyze a new lunar cycle on May 7 at 8:21 PM PT, listen for the call of the Bulls as they dominate the zodiac. Find pleasure in the sanctity of your most established relations. Revel in all that Gaia has to offer. And in that place, in the fecundity of what generates deep feelings of pleasure, safety, and security, open to another cycle of uprisings and aftershocks, greeted with gratitude and grounded in grit. 

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