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Aquarius New Moon  

February 9, 3:00 pm PT 

The spirit of initiation spirals upward, piercing the sky veil as Luna meets Sol in the Water-Bearer’s sign on February 9 at 3 pm PT (your time). Clouds laden with moisture release buckets of rain washing away layers of stagnant thinking. Look closely; jewels of wise action lay just beneath the surface. Cracked open, important insights are available to those who peer in. 

Pluto, co-present at the threshold degree of zero, intensifies this new lunar cycle as does the young ambassador, Mercury. Saturating the mind with far-reaching ideas, the Winged-Messenger, having already experienced the power of the Dark Lord, brings buried bones and treasures to light. Transmissions from the ethers break into consciousness as goosebumps in the wind’s wake or symbols engraved on a sandy beach. Are you paying attention? 

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